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Thoughts on Salary (part 3) – Example

Let’s take a deeper dive into RVU based compensation. Suppose that an organization that wants to recruit you is offering the following salary proposal: two years at a fixed salary, followed by a third year in which it converts to a fixed component PLUS an … Continue reading

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Sweat the “Small” Stuff and Enjoy a Bonus!

Seeking a good position, researching perspective employers, participating in interviews, and negotiating an agreement can be tedious, time-consuming work! And the reality is that most employers are going to offer a standard agreement, with a salary range that will probably be … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Salary (part 1)

This is typically the topic of most concern when initially considering an employment offer. As you begin to seek new employment opportunities, you may have a pretty good idea what salary to expect (based on discussions with colleagues, published salary … Continue reading

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It’s Your Time!

You’re nearing the end of the formal training phase of your career. You’re probably planning your next career move, and possibly interviewing or even considering an offer. Unfortunately, business, legal and financial issues are neglected areas of physician training. This is expected, given … Continue reading

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