Online Resources

On this page, I am listing some useful online resources relevant to career planning, job searches, and reviewing and negotiating physician employment agreements. I will add new resources as I find them, so check back regularly to see new resources.

Posted February 2016

I recently discovered this site, which posts numerous articles and other resources related to “physician career planning” including salary negotiation and understanding your employment agreement:

AIM: Physician Career Planning

I have not fully explored the site, but I have already downloaded several articles that address the interesting topics related to contract negotiation for physicians.

The Physician Career Planning site is part of the Adventures in Medicine site ( on which I found the following post that lists some good physician job search sites and apps:

Top Healthcare Job Search Sites and Apps

This next resource is a pretty good overview of important aspects of an employment agreement. Like many of the resources, it is written by an attorney that specializes in this area, Michael L. Kreager, who practices in San Antonio, Texas. The first edition was written in 2007, but this new version was updated in 2013 and it is even more helpful than the first:

The Physician’s First Employment Contract (Second Edition)

In 2009, the American College of Physicians made a document available to its members that provides an overview of physician employment contracts and a self-assessment questionnaire. I believe it can still be accessed using this link:

Physician Employment Contracts – July 2009

Check it out and let me know if there is any problem accessing it.

Finally, probably the most comprehensive resource I have seen are two documents published by the American Medical Association:

  • Annotated Model Physician-Group Practice Employment Agreement
  • Annotated Model Physician-Hospital Employment Agreement

Each of these provides an explanation of each section of a model agreement, and includes examples of language that is more favorable to the physician and more favorable to the employer. It is a very comprehensive document, but is only available for free to AMA members. Non-members can purchase the documents for  $149.00 each. They can be found here:

AMA Store

Finally, although I don’t really advocate using a consultant, other than a local attorney, for contract review and negotiation, in the spirit of complete transparency, I am listing two companies that offer contract review services. I cannot vouch for either one, and you should do a lot of due diligence and reference checking before using one of them. As an alternative, you can send me your contract and I will provide review and suggestions FOR FREE.

Firms Offering Contract Review Services

The first company is Resolve Physician Agency. According to its website, this firm “offers physicians tailored job search services, practice evaluation and physician contract review, including partnership agreements and exit strategy. Contract review services are provided through a licensed healthcare attorney.”

The second one is called Physician’s First Contract, and appears to be a law firm, but it publishes its fees online.

There are numerous other local and regional legal firms that specialize in contract review, but I am partial to using a local attorney with experience rather than a large (expensive) legal firm.

Understanding Worked RVUs

Here is a link to the CMS (Medicare) RBRVS table: (Physician Fee Schedule – January 2015 Release)

Here are two informative articles that provide more background about Relative Value Units (RVUs):

Introduction to Relative Value Units

The Basics – RVUs

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice. My role is to provide education and coaching to physicians to help them find a great job and avoid costly mistakes as employed physicians. I strongly recommend that every physician entering into an employment agreement, or any contract, engage an experienced local attorney to assist them in their negotiations.