FREE Contract Review

In addition to publishing posts about physician employment contracts, I am offering to review and comment on your personal agreements for FREE.

Why would I do this?

  • I find it interesting to see what employers are offering new physicians.
  • It is my way of providing assistance and instruction to members of my profession.
  • It keeps me intellectually stimulated and up to date on the subject matter.

What are the rules concerning this review?

  • You must send me a copy of the current agreement that you are considering, preferably by email.
  • I will provide observations, ideas, suggestions and positive and negative examples I have seen in other agreements, and will only correspond with you personally.
  • I will provide insight and advice based on my years of experience preparing, negotiating and executing physician employment agreements for a health system, and do my best to help you enhance your financial benefits and to avoid unnecessary conflicts or misunderstandings with your new employer.
  • I do NOT provide legal advice, and I strongly advise you to hire an attorney to review your contract before executing it.
  • I will make every effort to provide my feedback in writing within three days of receiving your proposed agreement.
  • I will provide verbal feedback and discussion via telephone or video connection if you desire, if your call can accommodate my schedule.
  • If the demand for such assistance is high, I may not be able to provide my review in a timely manner and I will let you know that as quickly as I can.
  • I will keep all information confidential, although I may use it in summary fashion in the form of analysis of trends, or as an example in my blog with personal details eliminated.
  • By sending me your question or agreement/contract for review, you understand and agree that I am providing my OPINION only and agree to hold, and me (John V. Jurica) harmless for any consequences, foreseen or unforeseen, resulting from your decision to enter into such an agreement with an employer.

If you are interested in sending me your agreement, please contact me using the form below. Please include any details about the nature and timing of the new job in the comments section. I am also happy to answer questions about a specific part of your agreement, without obtaining a copy of the entire contract. Just let me know what your specific concern is and I will try to provide timely, useful feedback. If you submit your question in response to one of my posts, I will assume that it is for public review and comment.