Contract Review – Discontinued

For several years, I offered free contract review as part of this blog. During the past two years or so, however, I have shifted my focus to producing and growing my blog (Vital Physician Executive) and podcast (Physician Nonclinical Careers).

Therefore, I have discontinued doing contract reviews. However, I would refer you to the following resource for additional help in evaluating your employement agreement. This site is run by a physician colleague who has spent years studying the field of negotiation, and taught hundreds of physicians how to better understand and negotiate their contracts.


I’ve not personally used his service, so I cannot vouch for it at that level. But I know that Dr. Felberg is committed to helping young physicians avoid unfair and underpaid arrangements with employers.

And remember that I urge all physicians to engage a competent healthcare attorney, experienced in physician employment agreements, before entering into any such agreement.