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Why Employers Should Cover Liability Tail Coverage

Try to eliminate your responsibility for payment of tail coverage from your agreement. Continue reading

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Prioritize Engagement and Boost Career Satisfaction

As a current resident or fellow, you have grown up in today’s healthcare environment. As a result, you may not be as sensitive to some of the frustrations that more “seasoned” physicians like me find so annoying. But career satisfaction is … Continue reading

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What Physicians Need to Know About Maximizing Income

It has been about six months since I posted here at Contract Doctor. I have been devoting my time to my new blog: The Vital Physician Executive. But following a guest post on Future Proof MD, I was asked a question by … Continue reading

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Risk Management

When entering the workforce as a practicing physician, it is important to have a working understanding of medical liability and risk management. Physicians are by far the most often sued professional in the U.S. I had the opportunity to speak with … Continue reading

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More on Risky Compensation Plans

I have seen more news reports indicating that CMS and the OIG are threatening to prosecute hospital systems that employ physicians when compensation plans do not align with practice profitability. And I had an opportunity to present this problem from the … Continue reading

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Working with Non-Physician Providers

This topic is probably not high on the list of items to worry about when entering into a new employment agreement, but I have seen it cause endless hassles and irritation to new physicians after starting a new position. Recent Developments … Continue reading

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Five Actions New Physician Employees Should Take to Avoid the OIG

I have been scanning the literature for articles describing OIG (Office of Inspector General) investigations and resulting fines related to the Stark Law and FCA (False Claims Act) as they relate to physician compensation. There seems to be more and more … Continue reading

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